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We do not pursue the lowest price, because we know that "value for money, safety is more important than anything else" is what customers really care and value.

Hangzhou Qiandao Pump

Hangzhou Qiandao Pump

Hangzhou Qiandao Pump, Ltd (Jiande Science and Technology Experiment Factory) started in 1984, and has been devoted to the development, production and sales of anti-corrosion pumps, anti-corrosion vacuum equipment, anti-corrosion waste gas treatment equipment and anti-corrosion storage equipment for many years. The products have been awarded the Technology Progress Award of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, the appraisal of the National Education Commission and the Provincial Science and Technology Commission organizations, and the Provincial Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Award. For more than thirty years, with the continuous innovation of product categories and continuous optimization of product performance, our products and services have received consistent praise from our customers.


Zhang Zhiqiang, then deputy director of Meicheng Anti-corrosion Equipment Factory, was the only representative of the enterprise to participate in the development of "polypropylene tube and tube heat exchanger" of the Department of Anti-corrosion of Zhejiang University of Technology. Since then, the production and use of polypropylene equipment in China began.

In 1993

Established Jiande Science and Technology Experimental Factory, which is subordinate to Jiande Science and Technology Commission. "Corrosion-resistant plastic water jet vacuum pump" was successfully developed and won the Science and Technology Progress Award of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government.


The horizontal water jet vacuum unit was successfully developed, which completely changed the usage mode of water jet vacuum pump, with countless imitators and nearly one million units sold nationwide. Zhang Zhiqiang was elected as a member of the Sixth Professional Committee of Non-metallic Materials of the Chinese Society of Corrosion and Anticorrosion.

In 2002

Plastic centrifugal pump was awarded the National Industrial Products Production License.


The company passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification. It is one of the first enterprises in the industry to obtain 9001 certification.


The plastic extrusion welding machine and plastic touch welding machine developed by our company according to foreign advanced technology were put into use, and the welding strength was increased by 40% compared with manual welding.


Hangzhou Qiandao Pump Industry .


Polypropylene storage tank and vacuum tank series products were awarded "National Industrial Products Production License".


The new factory which covers an area of 20 mu and has a construction area of more than 10,000 square meters was put into use. In the same year, our company proposed: to be the lowest cost equipment. Aiming to provide users with a kind of equipment including "purchase cost", "maintenance cost", "downtime cost", "environmental protection cost " "safety cost", including the lowest comprehensive cost of equipment. The ZF series anticorrosive pump, which completely implements the idea of "making the lowest cost equipment", was put into the market in this year and has been well received by users.

In 2016

Our company cooperated with a company in Qingdao to develop the "infinite length integral winding large PP cylinder production line", which was successfully developed and put into use.

In 2018

The company was awarded as Hangzhou high-tech enterprise and AA enterprise of contract and trustworthiness.


The company was awarded "Zhejiang Province AAA grade contract and trustworthy enterprise", and in the same year was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise". As a small and micro enterprise, in the same year to obtain these two domestic * high honor, this is a remarkable achievement, is the result of Qiandao pump industry people's continuous efforts, but also for the 1984 Meicheng anti-corrosion equipment factory to 1993 Jiande City Science and Technology Experimental Factory to 2006 Hangzhou Qiandao Pump Industry Co.

In 2021

The company was renewed as "Zhejiang Province AAA grade contract and trustworthy enterprise".


With the trust and support of our customers, we continue to move forward ......

Our company is located in Hangzhou - Xin'an River - Qiandao Lake - Huangshan national golden tourism line in the middle of the Xin'an River, the territory has the world-famous Qiandao Lake scenic tourist area, the traffic is very convenient. General manager Zhang Bo with all the staff warmly welcome you to visit, guide and discuss cooperation!

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    More than 38 years of production experience, one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production of polypropylene equipment in China!

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    More than 22 years

    Chemical tail gas absorption design and manufacturing experience.

  • 100022

    With a registered capital of 1000 million, it is one of the highest registered capital of domestic polypropylene equipment enterprises

  • Be the lowest cost of use equipment, proposer and practitioner

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We sincerely thank all the more than 1,000 customers who have used our products, their support and trust in our products is the driving force and source for us to keep moving forward, and also thank you who will benefit from using our products in the future.

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