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We do not pursue the lowest price, because we know that "value for money, safety is more important than anything else" is what customers really care and value.

In 2010, when we first shouted "make the equipment with the lowest cost of use", many friends asked me: What is the lowest cost of use? Is it the cheapest? Or does it mean the highest cost-effectiveness? My answer is: "The lowest cost of use" refers to the "lowest comprehensive cost", including purchase cost, maintenance cost, shutdown cost, safety cost, and environmental protection cost.

A very cheap device or a product that appears to be of good quality may result in continuous losses during use due to quality or design defects: you will be constantly required to purchase accessories; You will cause production to stop and pause; You must bear the safety risks caused by equipment damage; You will also have environmental issues due to the leakage of raw materials. A 'lowest cost equipment' should consider every aspect of production and use from the design stage!

In 2010, we applied this concept to the extreme when designing ZF self priming pumps. Although the direct consequence was a sharp decrease in accessory supply and a decrease in revenue, we do not regret it and will continue to follow this path.

In 2011, we developed the "Water Jet Vacuum Unit Special Heat Exchanger" based on the concept of "making the lowest cost equipment". The "water jet vacuum unit" is a very useful vacuum generating equipment, which is anti-corrosion and durable, making it a good choice in the field of anti-corrosion and low vacuum. However, the biggest drawback is the need to add cooling water, which can cause waste of water resources and generate a large amount of sewage fees. This patented heat exchanger solves the problem of rising water temperature and can save users over 1000 tons of water per year, saving sewage fees of over 10000 yuan (calculated at 3 tons per day, 10 yuan per ton of sewage fees). At the same time, it also has the effect of saving reaction time and improving product quality.

There is also the "Integral Wrapped Large Polypropylene Storage Tank" successfully developed in 2011

To be the equipment with the lowest cost of use, always prioritize the interests of customers, not only in verbal terms, but also in practical actions. Qiandao Pump is willing to be a pioneer and pioneer in promoting this concept, which will eventually be a difficult but promising path

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