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Installation Points and Precautions for ZF Series Self priming Pump

Installation points of ZF series self priming pump

1. The ZF series self priming pump has been transported over a long distance to the production site. Before installation, the entire machine and components must be checked for completeness and damage. If the fasteners are loose, they should be tightened. Check the concentricity of the pump shaft and motor shaft, and correct any displacement.

2. During installation, the suction pipeline should be shortened as much as possible, and there should be no more than 2 elbows installed at less than 90 °.

3. The pump inlet should be equipped with a filter to prevent large debris from entering the pump.

4. The connecting bolts of the inlet pipe should be evenly tightened to ensure that the inlet pipeline is sealed without air leakage, otherwise it will seriously affect the self suction performance of the pump.

5. The inlet or outlet pipes should be equipped with one-way check valves to prevent siphoning during parking. When installing check valves, they should be installed vertically.


Precautions for use

1. Check if the running direction of the motor is consistent with the steering mark.

2. The pump can only be started and operated when filled with liquid, and it is strictly prohibited to idle. If the pump cannot self extract liquid within the specified self suction height of 5-8 minutes, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause to prevent the temperature of the liquid inside the pump from rising and damaging the pump.

3. After slowly injecting liquid into the pump for the first time, it is generally no longer necessary to replenish the liquid, but a long shutdown time or leakage of the seal after shutdown can cause liquid loss in the pump. In this case, the slow liquid meter should be replenished before starting the pump.

4. Before starting the pump for installing cooling water, cooling water (tap water) should be drained, and the water pressure should not exceed 0.02Mpa. Its function is to ① cool and seal, ② flush and seal.

5. The bearing seat should be regularly filled with 20 # engine oil, and the oil level should reach the center position of the mirror.

6. When not in use for a long time in winter, the liquid in the pump body should be drained to avoid freezing and preventing it from working properly.

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