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Functional Interpretation of Water Jet Vacuum Pump

A water jet vacuum pump is connected in series with a rotary vane pump as the front stage pump. Its structure is compact and easy to operate. Suitable for extracting air and other non condensable and non corrosive gases, widely used in various vacuum systems that require high pumping speed and high vacuum. Such as: vacuum smelting, power capacitor, transformer, vacuum impregnation treatment, pre pumping in vacuum deposition equipment, etc.

It is a rotary variable capacity vacuum pump that requires the cooperation of a front stage pump to be used. It has a large pumping speed within a wide pressure range and is not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the extracted gas. It is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, food, and electronic coating.


People often encounter the transportation of chemical gases during use, which requires the introduction of a new concept of corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps. It uses ceramics as a special medium to make the overcurrent part, truly in line with the usual "wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance". Its advanced design and novel structure are suitable for various demanding and complex application fields. It can suck media containing a large amount of water vapor and can condense steam, making it less dangerous to suck flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive gases. Therefore, it can be widely used in industries such as machinery, petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceuticals, food, ceramics, sugar making, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, plastics, tiles, leather, etc. It is particularly suitable for plastic matching use. The 2BA water ring vacuum pump replaces SZ, SK, respectively 2SK-3, 2SK-6, 2S-185, 2SK-230, and W reciprocating vacuum pumps.

Water jet vacuum pumps are widely classified, mainly including WLW series vacuum pumps, W-type vacuum pumps, 2X vacuum pumps, ZJ vacuum pumps, 2SK vacuum pumps, SK vacuum pumps, 2BV vacuum pumps, MH-2 vacuum pumps, TLZ vacuum pumps, SL Roots blowers, JZJX vacuum pumps, JZJS vacuum pumps, JZJWLW vacuum pumps, JZJP vacuum pumps, RPP vacuum pumps, 2XZ vacuum pumps, and other models. Widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemicals, dye chemicals, brick and tile machinery, low-temperature equipment, papermaking machinery, pharmaceutical chemicals, food machinery, industrial electric furnaces, electronic industries, vacuum equipment, fertilizers, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, foundation treatment and other fields. We also provide services such as vacuum pump consultation, vacuum pump problem solving, vacuum pump debugging, and vacuum pump maintenance.

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